how much does an inkword cost?

inkwords can be made to suit your individual need. All are individually designed and custom made to order. In the case of our popular mdf inkwords, each is airbrushed to a high quality finish although they can also be completed with a raw finish ready for you to paint yourself.

inkwords can also be made in a variety of thicknesses which easily allows them to either be attached to a wall or door or alternatively be freestanding on a shelf. As a guide, inkwords that are at least 16mm thick are suitable to be freestanding while those up to 12mm thick, are more suited to be attached to a surface.

In contrast to other similar products, inkwords are charged by the word and not by the letter.

The final cost of an inkword is determined by the "x-height" of the lower case letters (as shown here), in association with the nominated thickness of the word.


Prices shown in the tables are for words with a raw finish for DIY painting or a quality, airbrushed painted surface.

A range of colours are available to choose from however it should be noted an additional cost of $5.00 per word is charged when a metalic paint is used.

If you would like your inkword to have that little more sparkle, why not add some "bling" for an additional $5.00 per word?

For an enlarged view of this image, follow the links to the inkfriends gallery.

Please contact us for prices of acrylic inkwords.


NB:Prices shown here do not include postage and handling which will be calculated at the best available rate when an order is placed.

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