stress free fundraising with inkfriends

'inkwords' are a new personalised gift idea or keep sake for your child. Suitable for all ages, each inkword is hand made and can be attached to a wall or door or alternatively is able to be free standing on a shelf.

The process is quite straight forward. inkfriends provide you with personalised coloured promotional flyers and order forms which you distribute to members and friends of your group. People then simply record the name they want cut, choose a font and a colour from our promotional range and return the form together with their payment of $42.00 per inkword. We will then design, cut and airbrush the inkwords and deliver them back to you in approximately 4 weeks.

The completed inkword will have an "x-height" of 80mm (click here for explanation of x-height) and be made of 16mm thick mdf, similar to 'Liam' above or 'Angelica' below.

But best of all, your group will also receive a donation from inkfriends of 10% of the total orders received. What could be easier? An activity where your group raises funds through the purchase of personalised keep sakes. A winning idea!

want more information?

Go to our contact page, fill in your details and we will be pleased to provide you with more information.

When you are filling in the form, be sure to give some details too about your group, such as size and general location etc so that our feedback will be more specific to your needs.