We specialise in wooden and acrylic personalised cut out names and words.

Each of our 'inkwords' are hand made allowing you to choose your spelling, font, colour and size. They are perfect as special gifts for different occasions; a child's bedroom wall or door, the bride and groom's names on the main table at the reception, the newly born, christenings and birthdays.

We can even create words like 'Paris' that can sit next to the treasured Eiffel Tower ornament you brought back from your travels to Europe. How about an extra-large letter like a 'K' to sit on your kitchen bench or a collage of letters and words for that blank wall to give you inspiration? Our inkwords and inkletters will be just what you are looking for. The list is endless.

Designing your inkword is very simple. You just need to choose the size, the colour and the font you would like to use. See below for more details.

Importantly, we charge for inkwords by the word and not by the letter. Prices start just $23.00 (raw finish) or $31.00 (airbrushed finish). Our most popular sized and airbrushed inkwords are $42.00*.  (80mm "x-height"; 16mm thick mdf with airbrushed finish. Details of our prices can be found by following the catalogue & price list link at the top of the page.

You can view our Gallery to see some of the range of inkwords and inkletters we have completed for our clients.

Our inkwords are also available in Italian.

Italian words have an additional surcharge. Contact us for more details.

For more information about inkwords or inkletters, follow the link to our catalogue or for a more personal inquiry, please contact us.

designing your inkword

When designing your inkword, there are three key steps to follow. They relate to the size, font and colour.

The steps and links below will help you make those choices.

1. Choose the size

How is your inkword most likely to be used? Will it be on a wall, door or be free-standing?

Click here for more information about sizes

2. Choose a font

What lettering style do you want? Select a font from our extensive range.

Click here for more information about fonts

3. Choose a colour

Our palette includes a range of colours available for you to select from.

Click here for more information about colours

The online order form available in our shop will guide you through the steps of developing your inkword and we will send you a no obligation, free mock-up of what your design will look like.