choosing the size of your inkword

The first choice to be made about your inkword is what size you want it, a decision that also includes consideration of the thickness.

How is the inkword going to be used? If it is to be free-standing to be put on a shelf for example, we recommend a thickness of at least 16mm. This ensures your inkword will be more stable.

In contrast, if the inkword is going to be mounted on a wall, a door or any other flat surface, we recommend it be either 3, 6, 9 or 12mm thick. Any of these thinner boards makes the inkword lighter in weight while also being less likely to be caught on something going past it. Regardless of the thickness selected though, inkwords of these sizes are light enough that they can be easily attached to a surface with a double sided tape or similar product.

When it comes to determining the height of the letters, we refer to the "x height" (see illustration). It should also be noted that depending on the font that is selected, there will be a minimum size available as some fonts become too fragile if cut at a small "x height".